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Message from the CEO

We introduce you to MELFAS, a leading IOT semiconductor market company.

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MELFAS is a company that changes
and grows along the times, with the principle of
finding an optimal solution at all times.

Welcome to MELFAS and thank you for visiting our website.

Answering to the increasingly diversified customer profiles, MELFAS has become the only company in Korea with the capacity to supply ICs for both add-on and on-cell/in-cell types. Our company leads the market with a wide variety and development efforts in the product area: we offer turn-key module as well as semiconductor products. We also add value for customers by offering them the optimal solution. This is how MELFAS is growing to become a global touch-solution expert.

MELFAS is building new semiconductor solutions in IOT according to the 4th industrial era, and is becoming a new comprehensive semiconductor company by researching and developing wireless charging and BLE solutions.

The business environment is rapidly changing, but we at MELFAS have continued to overcome countless challenges and built experiences and strengths in the process. With such strengths, we are committed to secure competitiveness for the future. We at MELFAS promise to earn the trust from our customers, shareholders, and the investors, and to fulfill corporate social responsibility. We will grow to become a top company respected by all.

We will put our best efforts to become the best company in the world. On a final note, we appreciate our customers, shareholders, and investors for the trust they have shown for MELFAS.