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We introduce you to MELFAS, a leading touch input solution market company.

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  • Product Information

    TSP - Touch Screen Panel



    ■ Melfas Mutual Capacitance TSP


    After patternizing the electrically conductive FILM or the transparent electrically conductive film between and allocate a lot of independent electrodes, So when the capacitance couple is used either human bodies or the films which formed electrode matrix.

    When the finger touches the electrode, the capacity of the human body is added to the circuit, and the pointing location of the pointing is detected by monitoring the changed capacity.

    MELFAS’s capacitive Touch Screen is made by coating Capacitive Touch Screen which went through the heat treatment with transparent metal(ITO) of the special electrical conductivity.

    The layer with the horizontal pattern and the vertical pattern is to be produced. (In case of the 2 layers) By overlapping the two layers together, we compose the matrix. We calculate the matrix touched the finger and recognize it. Using a specialized pattern of MELFAS(2 layer or 1 layer), we recognize the changed amount of the capacitor value and then extract the coordinate value(pattern figure: registered patent)





                       * Basic structure of TSP

  • Applicable Models

    ■ Melfas Customizing Process



    h4_tech.gif Features per eam TSP Type


     GFF(Slim GFF) / PFF





      Merits   ㅣ Normal laminated structure that

                      the yielding is verified, unlimted size

      Demerits l  High unit cost, Limited thickness,

                      Ligur transmittance rate 88~90%



      Merits    ㅣ Thin thickness, low processing cost,

                        excellent penetration rate

      Demerits l  Limited size






      Merits    ㅣ Excellency in optical characteristics,

                       the thickness is thin, low processing cost

      Demerits l   Limited size, Complex pattern




      Merits    ㅣ Excellent optical characteristics compared

                         to GFF

      Demerits l  Possible danger in decrease of yield rate.






      Merits    ㅣ Mass production is possible

      Demerits l  High investment cost and many restrictions

                      during process





    h4_tech.gif Whole internalization process of MELFAS TSP




  • Applicable Products

    • Samsung Galaxy J1

    • Samsung Galaxy win

    • Samsung Galaxy mega7

    • DK DAM-XG7000P  TMP

    • National disaster safety network


    • TJMEDIA TK-M10

    • RINNAI RC300

    • Universal Studios UV1

    • Universal Studios UV2

    • Universal Studios UV3

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