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  • Product Information

    Wireless charger - series


    ■ Product Introduction


    Wireless charging IC is a key component for wireless power transmission along with transmitting and receiving coils.

    The transmitting IC converts DC power into a high frequency AC power signal, 

    and the converted AC signal transmits energy by forming an alternating current electromagnetic field

     in the facing coil through an electronic induction phenomenon.

    The receiving IC converts the electronically induced energy into DC voltage via a rectifier. 

    The converted DC voltage is then supplied to the load via the voltage control unit.



    ■ Product Features


    Qi EPP Certification (WPC), Korea's first 15W transmission/receiving IC

    Unique Power Amp. and Peripheral Circuit Designs

    5W to 15W line-up


    Certification Support"

  • Applicable Products

    • USB Cable

    • Electronic cigarette

    • Smart Watch