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We introduce you to MELFAS, a leading touch input solution market company.

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  • Product Information

    MCS - Melfas Chip Solution



    ■ Product Introduction


    The Self-Capacitance is the method to judge the touch location by detecting the capacitance (Ct) which is produced between the contact object such as a finger and the sensing electrode within the touch panel without applying any additional driving signal for the recognition of the touch input. That is to say, once the part of a body contacts the touch sensor, the capacitance is produced in between the contacted body and the sensing electrode.
    The sensing circuit which is electrically connected to the touch sensor detects whether there is a contact and the contact area, etc. in the touch sensor by providing the electric charge for the touch sensor and measuring the voltage (or current) accordingly. 


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    ■ Product Features


    • On-Chip Direct LED Control : 16 level dimming LED driver
    • 8-bit MCU for the programming
    • Embedded flash memory
    • 256Bytes + 2Kbytes in-chip RAM
    • Maximum 21 I/O pins supported
    • Open-drain & Push-pull type port is provided
    • Input/output and pull-up control
    • 1.8V ~ 3.6V I/O
    • Compensated internal ring oscillator
    • Internal power on-reset
    • Combined serial communication peripherals
    • Internal Low-Dropout Regulator
    • Single Supply Voltage: 2.5~3.6V
    • Regulator output for the core voltage: 1.8V
    • In-system Programming
    • Firmware upgrade through I2C line on the set
    • Stand-alone operation
    • MCU embedded programming

  • Applicable Models

     MCS-5080 MCS-5000 MCS-6000  MCS-8040L   MHS-204
    Package Size UQFN : 3.0X3.0X0.55
    8 Sensing Channel
    I2C interface
    Package Size UQFN : 24LD 4.0*4.0*0.5
    16 Channel Sensing Electrodes
    UART, I2C, SPI
    Package Size UQFN : 40Id 5.0X5.0X0.55
    32 Channel Sensing Electrodes
    Package Size UQFN : 5.0x5.0㎜, 0.5
    Channel : 40 Sensing Channel
    interface : I2C
    Package Size UQFN : 3*3*0.55 0.5㎜ Pitch4 Sensing Channel(Home key)


  • Applicable Products

    • Samsung Galaxy J1 mini

    • Pantech Presto

    • Samsung Galaxy S (M110S)

    • Samsung S5050

    • Samsung Zeal (U750)

    • Samsung U490

    • Samsung Galaxy J5 Prime

    • Samsung Galaxy on7

    • Samsung Galaxy on5

    • Phiaton BT460

    • Samsung Z2(SM-Z200F)

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