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We introduce you to MELFAS, a leading touch input solution market company.

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  • Product Information

    MCS - series



    ■ Product Introduction


    The Self-Capacitance is the method to judge the touch location by detecting the capacitance  

    (Ct) which is produced between the contact object such as a finger and the sensing electrode

    within the touch panel without applying any additional driving signal for the recognition of 

    the touch input. That is to say, once the part of a body contacts the touch sensor, the

    capacitance is produced in between the contacted body and the sensing electrode. 


    제목 없음.png



    ■ Product Features


     MCU for the programming

     Maximum 21 I/O pins supported

     1.8V ~ 3.6V I/O 

     Internal power on-reset 

     Combined serial communication peripherals

     Firmware upgrade possible

  • Applicable Products

    • Galaxy J1 Ace

    • Galaxy J7

    • Galaxy J7 Pro 2016

    • Galaxy On5

    • Galaxy On7