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MELFAS Career Opportunities

We introduce you to MELFAS, a leading IOT semiconductor market company.

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We are waiting for aspiring talents who will grow to be
the Global Leader together with MELFAS.

Recruitment Information
Career Areas Qualifications
Chip Development
  • Experience in semi-conductor chip development
  • Experience in analogue circuit design
Software Development
  • Major in electronics or software
  • Experience in GSM/CDMA terminal device driver
  • Experience in ADS/QXDM
  • Experience in image processing jobs
  • Experience in Android development
  • Firmware Development
    • Experience in firmware development, other sensor driving and implementation, image processing
    • Experience in embedded device USB firmware development
  • System S/W Development
    • Experience in Windows Application for developing and producing touchscreen products
    • Experience in input device driver development of Android, windows, chrome-book, linux target, and porting
  • Recruitment Process

    채용 절차

    1. STEP 01 : Document Evaluation
    2. STEP 02 : Interview with Working Level Staff
    3. STEP 03 : Interview with Directors
    4. STEP 04 : Notice of Successful Applicant
  • How to Apply

    Download application form > Fill out the application form > Submit the completed form to jhl0707@melfas.com

    Recruit Document Download
  • Other Inquiries

    • Interview plan will be notified only to applicants that have passed resume review process.
    • Submitted documents will not be returned.
    • For further inquiries, please contact the person in charge at our Management Support Group.
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