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MELFAS Career Opportunities

We introduce you to MELFAS, a leading touchscreen panel market company.

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MELFAS wants all our employees to become partners that grow together with the company, and offers various education and training programs for that purpose.

  • 신규사원 교육

    Training for New Employees
    For newly recruited employees, we offer training programs on our corporate values and philosophy as well as general introduction and OJT, so that all new recruits can start working as fast as possible in all job fields.
  • 승진자 집합 교육

    Training for Promoted Employees
    We offer group training differentiated for each level of corporate hierarchy, with a special focus on the values of our company.
  • 역량 강화 교육

    Competency Enhancement Training
    We offer diversified education and training so that all our staff members can grow to be a global expert.