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MELFAS Corporate Milestones

We introduce you to MELFAS, a leading touchscreen panel market company.

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2013 to Present

  • Aug.2016 Founded Celfras Semiconductor Inc. (Entry to Chinese non-memory semiconductor market)
  • Aug.Developed hypersensitive touch controller IC ‘MMS-649’
  • Apr. Developed touch controller IC ‘TDDI, Touch + DDI Integrated Sensor’
  • Apr. Developed mid-large size touch controller IC ‘MOS-50F’
  • Mar. Paid-in capital increase by allocation to third parties
  • Jan. Developed curved touchscreen module for Japanese Pachi-slot
  • Dec.2015 Developed touch controller IC 'Touch sensor with Force touch sensor'
  • Nov.Developed touch controller IC 'Hybrid sensor'
  • Aug Developed touchscreen module 'All ITO type 1-layer'
  • Jul.China joint venture company (Liansi)
    mass-production start
  • Apr.Supply of touch controller ICs reached 700 million (cumulative)
  • Nov. 2014Established a joint venture in China (Liansi)
  • Apr.Started supplying GF 1 Type 1-layer touchscreen module
  • Apr.Started local mass-production in Vietnam (first case in the industry)
  • Mar.Selected as "2014 Small but Strong Company of the Year" by Samsung Electronics
  • Dec. 2013Awarded "500 Million Dollar Export Tower"
  • Aug.MIN, DONG JIN inaugurated as a CEO
  • Apr.Supply of touch controller ICs reached 400 million (cumulative)
  • Apr.Relocated Head Office to Pangyo Techno Valley
  • Mar.Awarded "Grand Prize of Best Practice in Innovation" by Samsung Electronics
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