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MELFAS Community Service Team
Shoulder To Shoulder
MELFAS is doing its best in order to fulfill the responsibilities as a corporate citizens. That is why we share a part of profit earned from our business with some of our neighbors who struggle in life, and that is why we strive to make a better society.

MELFAS Community Service Group was inaugurated in April, 2011. The group volunteers to perform various service activities for the community, such as distributing food, working in rural areas, delivering of briquette for winter, clearing gravels from the field, taking care of children, and doing home repair. The Group performs acts of love in this way every month.

MELFAS has a matching grant. Together with employees, the company makes efforts to share love for our neighbors hit by disasters or struggling in life. In addition, we organize blood donation campaigns to help the community.

MELFAS Community Service Group is engaged in service on a continued basis. It sponsors Korea Compassion; delivers briquette in winter; make kimchi to give to neighbors; helps children with cancer or cardiac disease; supports senior citizens who live alone,; makes 1:1 sisterhood affiliation with a rural village; makes 1:1 sisterhood affiliation with a school; supports adolescents who act as the head of the family; does house repairs; improves the conditions of underprivileged facilities,; and distribute food.

  • 멜파스 사회 봉사단 어깨동무 집수리 봉사현장 사진
  • 멜파스 사회 봉사단 어깨동무 헌혈활동 사진
  • 멜파스 사회 봉사단 어깨동무
  • 멜파스 사회 봉사단 어깨동무 연탄 봉사현장 사진
  • 멜파스 사회 봉사단 어깨동무 사진
  • 멜파스 사회 봉사단 어깨동무 사진

MELFAS is supporting 50 children through
the Child Development Sponsorship Program of Compassion.

Child Development Sponsorship Program (CDSP) is a 1:1 sponsorship program run by Compassion. At monthly 45,000 won, CDSP allows the sponsor to take care of the child from age 3 until they finish high school. The goal of this program is to offer children an opportunity for comprehensive education, so that they can find out their own talents and grow to be a person who have positive influence on others.