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  • Product Information

    MMS/MSS - series



    ■ Product Information


    It is a self-capacitance method that measures the change in voltage by charging/discharge directly to the touch sensor and by applying a drive signal to the Tx channel to form an electric field, thereby driving the product by a Mutual capacitance method that measures the voltage that is abandoned in the Rx channel.

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    ■ Product Features 


     32bit MCU-embedded capacitive sensing IC

     Improvement of the function and performance such as the low power consumption, the faster report rate, multi-touch support, and so on. 

     Hybrid Sensing (Self/Mutual) and Proximity Sensing/Pressure Sensing Support



  • Applicable Products

    • Galaxy A30

    • Galaxy A50

    • Galaxy M30

    • Galaxy A5

    • Galaxy A7

    • Galaxy A9

    • Galaxy A9 Pro

    • Galaxy C7 Pro

    • Galaxy C9 Pro