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  • Product Information

    MIT - Melfas Incell Touch



    ■ Product Introduction


    AIT (=Advanced In-cell Touch) technology is the unique touch technology which embedded the touch sensor into the LCD Cell and it provided the better touch-sensitivity. Also, it can make the panel thickness/the bezel width reduced, so it makes possible to slim and innovative design.


    ■ Product Features


    • Advanced In-cell Touch Controller IC development
    • Unique Digital Filter and DSP engine integrated
    • LPWG(Low Power Wakeup Gesture) mode



    [ Main features ]

    • Package : QFN24, QFN32, BGA81
    • Operating Voltage : 1.8~3.3V
    • Internal Block : 32-bit Low Power RISC Processor, Embedded Flash memory, System SRAM,

              Frame buffer, BGR/LDO, Oscillator/PLL,I2C/SPI/GPIO/USB Interface circuit,

              Timer/Watchdog, Digital filter, DSP engine32-bit Low Power RISC Processor,

              Embedded Flash memory, System SRAM,

    • Interface : I2C Master, SPI Master/Slave, GPIO, USB2.0
    • Support Function : In-cell method Touch Control and Touch data process



  • Applicable Products

    • Dell XPS 15(9550)

    • Dell XPS 15(9530)

    • Dell Inspiron i5567

    • Dell Inspiron 2-in-1 Laptop

    • LG Gram13

    • LG Gram14

    • LG Gram15

    • Toshiba LZ15

    • HP AII-IN-ONE PC 23.8