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We introduce you to MELFAS, a leading touch input solution market company.

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  • Product Information

    MFS - Melfas Force Solution



    ■ Product Introduction


    The principle of the forcing (or pressure) touch is that the pressure electrode which is comprised of the conductive electrode pattern senses the formed capacitance from the conductive area of the set counterpart which is duplicated with this. Recognizing the change of the capacitance which is formed from the distance changed from the set counterpart and the pressure electrode according to the pressure, it detects the intensity of the pressure.


    It is the structure that is materialized with the pressure sensor comprised of the conductive electrode pattern such as FPCB on the opposite location to the conductive counterpart grounded within the set, the dependence of the original technology is high (Sensing principle, electrode pattern, high-sensitive sensing, etc.). Also, the properties of the set appliance (role of the counterpart electrode, performance impact by the deviation of the appliance/assembly) and the physical reliability (the reliability for the physical restoration according to the pressure is necessary) are important.




    ■ Product Features


    • Legacy Touch Sensor(GFF, OGS, In/On-Cell) + Capacitive Pressure Sensor
    • ACPP= Advanced Capacitive Position & Pressure Touch Technology





  • Applicable Models

     Package Size UQFN 6.0㎜ x 6.0㎜, 0.5T, Channel :  TX 30ch , RX 18ch interface : I2C
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