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MELFAS Career Opportunities

We introduce you to MELFAS, a leading IOT semiconductor market company.

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Remuneration Structure

  • Annual Salary Structure
    We have an annual salary structure in place that ensure appropriate treatment for individual employees based on merit and performance. Our goal is to enhance productivity to the maximum level and to ensure better treatment of our employees and fair distribution of the company's results.
  • Performance Bonus
    Performance bonus is offered to compensate our employees when the business target is exceeded, so that they can remain motivated to perform on a continued basis.
  • Productivity Incentive
    Productivity incentive is in place to offer monetary compensation to our employees and encourage them to remain motivated and enhance productivity.

Welfare & Benefits

  • Selective Welfare & Benefits System
    We have turned a standardized benefit package into a selective welfare and benefits provisions. Our employees have freedom to opt for the welfare provision they need in various areas, including medical, health, education, culture and leisure.
  • Support for Family Events
    We provide paid leaves for family events (congratulations and condolences) and money for the relevant occasions.
  • Award to Exemplary Employees
    When our employees contribute to the development of our company and take the initiative at work, we select and reward them accordingly.
  • Childcare Support
    We support childcare cost for our employees who have children between ages 5 and 7.
  • Telecommunication Subsidy
    We partially pay for the mobile phone fees of our employees for job-related communications.
  • Progressive Incremental Retirement Pension
    As a reward for long-term service, we have progressive incremental scheme of retirement pension.
  • Club Activities
    We support club activities in various areas such as culture and hobbies.