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MELFAS Ethical Management

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We respect our customers and seek to maximize value for shareholders and investors.

  • MELFAS will sincerely satisfy our customers; we pursue customer-first practices with the best quality, service and price, ultimately offering the best product to our customers.
  • MELFAS will provide accurate information on product and manufacturing process; we will not be engaged in any deceptive advertising or marketing hype.
  • MELFAS will ensure profit and security for customers and we will not make any unreasonable demand to them; we will do the best to protect the rights and interests of all our customers.
  • MELFAS will realize profit in a fair manner by transparent decision-making and efficient management, ultimately to maximize the value for our investors.

MELFAS, joining hands with our partners, will establish a system of fair trade and strive to grow together.

  • MELFAS will build mutual trust and cooperation through fair trade with partners and pursue collaborative development.
  • MELFAS will strive to establish sound subcontracting practices based on mutual trust and cooperation; we will not be engaged in any unfair subcontract practice.
  • MELFAS will not abuse dominant position to coerce or influence on unfair actions in any form.
  • MELFAS will let all our partners learn the Code of Ethics and provide incentives for them to implement the Code in an exemplary manner.

MELFAS will respect the individuality of each employee and strive to ensure fair treatment based on merit and performance.

  • MELFAS will implement systematic training for all employees so that they can comply with the Code of Ethics.
  • MELFAS will not discriminate employees based on their regional/blood/school ties, gender, and religion; we will provide fair opportunities to all based on the merit and qualities of our employees.
  • MELFAS will develop a set of evaluation criteria for quality, merit and performance of our employees; we will ensure fair assessment and remunerate them accordingly.
  • MELFAS will respect autonomy and creativity of individual employees and provide opportunities for them to improve their competencies; we will thus foster talents and help our employees to achieve personal development.

MELFAS will fulfill social responsibilities to contribute to our national economy and social development.

  • MELFAS, as a member of our country and community, will comply with domestic and laws and regulations, as well as overall rules internationally accepted.
  • MELFAS will implement various corporate social responsibility programs, including job creation, faithful fulfillment of taxpayer's duty, welfare support for community members, and aid to the underprivileged members of our society; we encourage and support our employees to participate in community activities as much as possible.
  • MELFAS will save resources and develop technologies to actively protect environment and preserve our resources.
  • MELFAS will make every effort for safety management and accident prevention; in the event of any accident, the safety of our customers and local residents will be our top priority as we take actions.

We at MELFAS, as employees, observe the basic ethics and manage ourselves in a most strict and thorough manner to avoid any irregularities.

  • We at MELFAS will not offer any valuables (such as money) or treating to our business client or any other stakeholders to solicit unlawful favor.
  • We at MELFAS will not receive any valuables (such as money) or treating in an unlawful manner from any stakeholders including our companies we have business dealings with.
  • We at MELFAS will protect the company’s property, intellectual property rights and trade secrets; we will not use them for a personal purpose.
  • We at MELFAS will not seek personal profit using business position; nor will we be engaged in any unfair trade using un-disclosed information acquired from the company.
  • We at MELFAS will not disclose any material information that can have an impact on the company’s profit.
  • We at MELFAS will not be involved in any political activities during the working hours in the workplace; we will abuse the company's organization, personnel or property for undue political purposes.
  • We at MELFAS will be respected as individuals to have our own political rights and perspectives; however, we must ensure that our personal political perspectives or engagement will not be misunderstood as the position of the company.