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MELFAS Ethical Management

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  • Purpose of Red Whistle

    • To eradicate any internal irregularity and corruption by introducing an exclusive reporting system against corruption
    • To promote compliance awareness of all employees through a system of compliance
    • To provide a communication channel between the company and its employees, through which our employees can resolve issues and discuss difficulties they experience
  • Cases Eligible for Reporting

    Employees can report an act of corruption in the following cases:
    • When an employee has received valuables (such as money) and treating in a job-related environment;
    • When an employee has caused damage to the company by wrongful means and intention;
    • When an employee has acquired unlawful profit abusing his or her position;
    • When a superior has made unlawful or unfair job-related orders; and/or
    • When other unethical or criminal activities have been committed.
    Employees can report any issues in the following cases:
    • When privacy has been violated by the abuse of status;
    • When insulting treatment or sexual harassment has occurred; and/or
    • When there is any suggestion to improve rights and interests of MELFAS employees
  • Miscellaneous

    Advantages of Red Whistle Help Line System
    • The system uses an external institution to prevent arbitrary riddance of report.
    • All reporting process is anonymity-based to prevent potential identification or retaliation (the process does not require personal information and issue a random number)
    • It is possible to make a report in a safe environment, as additional security equipments have been built including firewall, IPS and WAF. (The reporter’s access IP or time will be deleted real-time, so that even the site operator cannot trace the IP.)
    • Report/ suggestion contents are sent to responsible director and internal lawyer only for treatment
    Operating Agency

    Red Whistle Co. Ltd (www.redwhistle.org)